How we have been implementing the analyst professional development framework

  • 40 min

This is the story of one analytics team which decided to create and implement a professional development framework:

  • How did we figure out we needed a framework?
  • What was included in the concept of the framework
  • How did we structure the process of interviewing based on the competency matrix? 
  • How were we successfully involving analysts in the process? 
  • What helps in planning the professional growth of the team? 
  • Why the work on the professional development framework can't be finished? 

We have gone from no analytics department at all to a 20-member, full-fledged team in 3 years. Now we not only have the analysts team, but also a working professional development framework, more than a hundred successfully completed interviews based on the competency matrix. There are tens of completed individual development plans for employees under our belt. We are also continuing scaling the tools for our colleagues in other countries to improve this process not only in our team but also in others. 

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