Delegation as a key tool of leadership, effectiveness, motivation and professional development

  • 40 min

Why some managers get passed tasks back qualitatively done in time, while others have to do everything themselves? And why, at the end of the day, someone agrees to perform “the other's job”?


Delegation is one of the key tool of leadership, effectiveness, motivation and professional development. Treating delegation as a shared side of these aspects is an essential basement of productive developing culture. However, try to find some qualitative information on this topic.


Even if you attempt to google it, you'll probably spot a well-known Eisenhower matrix or just some plain lists like “what tasks to delegate and what not to”. 


In the scope of this talk, we'll endeavour to analyse the delegation topic in a nutshell. We'll consider how to select proper methods and approaches for effective delegation. We'll touch such topics as leadership and management, effectiveness and motivation, professional development and relations with reference to examples from analysts work.

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