Burnout: how to survive in IT being a workaholic

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IT analysis is considered one of the areas where people get burned out often and lose their jobs. 

Why is it happening? My offer is - to figure it out together. 

You see: one day, you are a top-level IT professional, the other day - you are a burned-out person who hates everything. Typically, it ends with a heavy downshift, with you working in a coffee van.

Suppose right now you think it shouldn't concern you: "I work a lot, and everything is alright". 

The thing is - no matter if you face burnout or not. I truly believe that everyone should know how burnout can be detected and adequately addressed. A moment missed - and you're that person in a coffee van.

So, I'd like to focus on the following topics:

1. the burnout - what it is; 

2. what the burnout stages are; 

3. why burnout may be so dangerous; 

4. what kind of IT analyst work most likely will get you burned out; 

5. last but not least - what you should do.

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