Gaiduchok Yuriy
VP Business Services - Intellias

With 14 years in professional IT services and products, Yuriy brings passion and diverse hands-on experience in business analysis and product management. He built company-wide competence and standards for 80 BAs in 5000 people organization and developed a portfolio of business analysis services for several companies. Worked in distributed multi-layered teams, product development and outsourcing, multiple clients in the US, EU, and CIS regions. Holds multiple certifications including CBAP, master’s degree in Technology Management. Best BA Professional 2017 by IT Awards Ukraine.

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  • 17.09.2017
    Анализ атрибутов качества

    To build a successful solution, you have to be agile and progress steadily.  But are BAs asking the right questions? Have we addressed hidden properties that may impede further progress? The presentation focuses on the importance of designing solution quality attributes (also known as non-functional requirements) and how to define them in collaboration with stakeholders, primarily with Quality Attribute Scenarios approach by Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute. The ultimate goal is to avoid failure and reach higher satisfaction for both users and company stakeholders behind the solution.

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