Gareis Roland
Wien, Австрия

Expert in managing processes, projects, programs, and changes and in institutionalizing business analysis in organizations

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  • 28.01.2018
    Changing Organization „by Projects“ – A Challenge for Managing Requirements

    • Business analysts contribute to changes in organisations. Therefore business analysts require an understanding of change types and processes as well the related change architectures.
    • Projects and programs (of projects) are temporary organisations to implement changes, to deliver solutions.
    • The objectives of projects and programs related to the functional and non-functional solution requirements. The objectives of a change, described in a change vision, related to the business requirements.

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    • 1 ч 30 мин
    • Analyst Days / 8
  • 28.01.2018
    Perceiving Business Analysis as a Set of Services for Internal or External Customers

    Traditionally Business Analysis is perceived as a set of knowledge areas and methods, with a strong IT focus. Actually, BA is a set of services, such as …

    • Contributing to strategic planning and strategic controlling
    • Contributing to developing a feasibility study
    • Contributing to implementing a new solution
    • Contributing to optimising an existing solution
    The BA tasks have to be put in the contexts of the processes they contribute to. This allows clarifying the required cooperation between the business analyst and other members of the organisation.

    Business Analysis a set of services is to be positioned in organisations professionally.

    • Среднe
    • 1ч 30 мин
    • Analyst Days / 8
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