Simeunovic Divna
Business Analyst / Consultant - Comtrade System Integration
Белград, Сербия

Divna Simeunovic is business analyst/consultant working more than 20 years in software development.
She is one of Serbian BA Community leaders. Currently she is holding position of VP for professional education in IIBA Serbia Chpater. She is passionate promoter of BA profession and devoted to BA knowledge and skills improvement. She is regularly organizing and delivering workshops related to business analysis and project management on software development projects.
Recently, she was speaker at two BA Conferences: Balkan Business Analysis (BBA) Conference 2016 in Romania and BBA 2017 in Bulagaria.

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  • 29.01.2018
    Beyond Brainstorming: Creative Thinking Approaches for Business Analysts (синхронный перевод)

    Creativity is a buzzword that everybody is speaking about. Probably, we could hardly find a single person that does not want to be creative.  Some people believe that creativity is about holding brainstorming sessions from time to time, while the others feel that being really creative is much more than that.  The result is that everybody has its perception of his/her own "creative capabilities", which is predominantly wrong (those who are not really creative believe that they are, and those who are creative, are not aware of that).

    The goal of this presentation is to demystify creativity, to raise awareness of the creative potential of BAs and to give some examples of how we can be more creative.

    Don’t wait for creativity to happen to you – go towards it!

    • Среднe
    • 40 мин
    • Analyst Days / 8
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