President - IIBA Romania Chapter
Bucharest, Румыния

- Software architect - Business analyst - Project manager - Volunteer - Marathon runner -

My favourite question: How should it work?

The question that drove me from sw architecture to business analysis.

Working in corporate IT, product owner, close to the team, the customer, latest technologies and development approaches.

On the lookout for new, learning.

Iiba volunteer since 2012.

Iiba Romania Chapter president since 2016.

Supporting the growth of the BA community in Romania:
- Teacher: written the study group materials for BABOk 2.0, BABOK 3.0, Agile BABOK extension; conducting the study groups sessions
- Speaker:  share my BA on the job experience and lesson learned
- Mentor: encourage others share their experience as BAs - IIBA events and conferences organizer

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  • 07.02.2019
    Передача знаний: быстро, весело, полезно

    «Передача знаний»: критический элемент при приеме на работу члена команды, при настройке удаленной команды, при переходе на новую должность.

    Это могут быть технические или бизнес-знания. Передающий и получатель могут быть из бизнеса, IT, финансов, маркетинга. Они могут быть из одной или разных предметных областей.

    Мне доводилось делать это в ИТ-проектах, принимая на работу сотрудников, создавая новые команды и меняя должность. При этом я выступала в разных ролях как BA, как DEV и как PM.

    «Красной нитью» проходит связка между понятиями:

  • КОГДА и КАК ДОЛГО - сущность времени как постоянного ресурса
  • ЧТО -  построенный процесс передачи знаний должен быть легко доступен, а не быть только в голове передающего
  • КАК - навыки, инструменты, процесс и отношения, которые строятся между передающим знания и принимающим

  • Смотрите на «Передачу знаний» как на передачу эстафетной палочки, и она больше не будет серой зоной. Это может быть быстро, весело и полезно.

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  • 26.05.2018
    Children do not need user manuals

    Have you ever seen a child reading the user manual of a toy, an apple or water bottle? Children have their own mechanism to find out how things work and how can be used. While growing up in the society children are losing these mechanisms. Business analysts should study and learn how children think, how they solve problems, how they make associations, how they are creative and try applying what they learn when accompanying the design of new products. What can a child teach us about how to design new things? What childhood techniques can we add at to our BA toolbox?

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  • 26.05.2018
    Ending the ICE AGE : Transforming legacy systems

    Great companies are in business since the days when a computer was as big as a room.

    The IT systems of these companies were built in time and reached at some moment a good level of robustness and efficacy. They are mammoth systems, covering the processes and incorporating the business rules governing the business. 


    Mammoth-like systems do not allow for agility and adaptively to new tech and to new market trends. 

    The Business Analyst, coordinating with IT architecture, can transform phase by phase the mammoth.


    This is the story of a team of business analysts, IT architects and developers that are currently in the process of transforming a mammoth. 

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    • 40 мин
    • Analyst Days / 9
  • 06.02.2018
    BA for IT infrastructure projects (синхронный перевод)

    BA is an important player in most of the software development projects but rarely included in any IT infra project teams. 

    The tools and techniques of the business analyst and the agile planning horizons can be tailored successfully to the IT infrastructure initiatives. 
    To exemplify the how-to: a retrospective of a real successful IT infrastructure project through the eyes of a business analyst.

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    • 40 мин
    • Analyst Days / 8
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