Mission possible - the social warfare

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Mission Possible - the social warfare

IQBBA is currently working on a specific Acceptance testing for BAs / BA for acceptance testers syllabus. A special emphasis has been put on social skills, to ease communication and collaborations between the parties involved in IT projects (e.g. BAs, QA, Production, Developers, Business or POs...)
This presentation will help:

- facilitate a honest and open communication ("catch the peanut", "like it or not", "news or fake news", "moody woodpecker")
- get to know and understand each other's ("comedia del arte", "geopolitics", "if I were U")
- envision the future ("BrickLand", "magic wand", "roses and chysanthems", "stairway to heaven")
- build team cohesion ("break an egg", "spaghetti incident", "coat of arm")
- build a meaningful dashboard ("Mario the pizzaiolo")

by proposing Tools and games as a takeway social toolbox that can be practiced in various stages of the project especially to deal with blockings or crisis. Most can be adapted to your own needs.

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