Business Analysts are on the GO: Design with users, not for them!

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User Experience (UX) became the most important aspect of making both users and stakeholders happy. The foundation of a great user experience depends on an understanding of the need rather than of focusing on a visual solution. In many organizations, the business analysts are the key people who should understand the customer needs and the problems.

As a BA, are you confident that you correctly understand the needs while you are sitting in a meeting room with only business representatives? Do they know the need or the problem? Are they able to tell the pain points that your customers are experiencing, or are they just telling their business priorities?

Let's look at Requirements Elicitation process from different angles to overcome some of the pitfalls of traditional business analysis cycle. Shift your mindset from 'designing for users' to ‘designing with users’. And say your stakeholders the empty chair on the table is occupied by the “the most important person”–the customer!

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