Practical Techniques for early use in BA cycle

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It is often assumed that the BA role starts and ends with the capturing of requirements. However, the reality is different. A good business analyst can add value even before projects have been identified helping ensure that only the right projects are progressed. Early involvement by a BA can save money, reduce re-work and ensure that the business gets the best value for money.

In this interactive training session, you will get hands-on experience of a number of practical techniques that can be used in the early stages of the business analysis life cycle. You will learn how to utilise these techniques to challenge and crystallise your business stakeholders' ideas. Through the use of an interactive case study, you'll have the opportunity to practice a range of techniques from formal conception ("an idea") to formal inception ("a project").

During the session you will hear how to undertake a business analysis study, using practical techniques in the following areas:
• Carry out strategic analysis: How does an organisation form a strategy, and how can it assess the internal and external environment to establish the problems and opportunities that it has?
• Define a problem/opportunity statement: Techniques that allow you to analyse a situation and identify specific business problems or opportunities
• Conduct stakeholder analysis: Ensuring that you and your team know who needs to be involved, to what extent and what their individual viewpoints are.
• Develop a project concept: Working with stakeholders to create a high-level vision of the way forward an agree the high-level requirements and the broad scope
This session is designed for delegates of all experience levels who are interested in understanding the breadth of the BA role.
You will leave the session having tried out a number of useful and practical techniques that you can apply in your role.



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