Сурова Ирина
Product Owner - Школа 21
Moscow, Russia

Опыт в анализе больше 10 лет, сейчас осваиваю профессию Product Manager. Докладчик и куратор докладчиков на русскоязыных конференциях по системному и бизнес-анализу

Talks (5)
  • 15.12.2019
    How long does the tech spec remain?

    On the one hand, the Requirements Specification cannot die. The specification of requirements is a direct expression of the essence of a systematic approach and thinking. The more complex the system, the more accuracy and care required when making any changes. And the created systems do not become easier... 

    On the other hand, the Facts are a stubborn thing - honest process/architectural work with a cascade of formed specifications, classic As-Is To-be transitions come across much less often, from start-ups unicorns are born, and certainly there weren't any specifications in them... 

    We invite you to a discussion at the round table: 

    • Influence of two paradigms on Business and System Analysis: design and product. 
    • How to move from one paradigma to another with minimal personal and organizational losses.

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  • 31.01.2017
    Find 6 system analysts over a year and survive

    It was a task for our department System Analysis over the year: to find people on 15 system analysts vacancies. 6 vacancies was in my group. The last of the 6 vacancies I closed at the end of December. A 100+ CVs, dozens of primary interviews, 3-5 resulting interviews for each vacancy. In the talk I want to to tell about the experience: career patterns, a typical set of knowledge of the candidates, their mismatch with the job profile and our understanding of analytics in a spherical vacuum.

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  • 30.03.2016

    EA&TFS in KL R&D SAO

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  • 17.03.2015
    Features of the analysis in services development projects

    Modern solutions of Kaspersky Lab are consist not only of applications / products, but also of services and infrastructure that allows you to quickly update the anti-virus database, receive the verdicts of malicious software from the cloud and more. In addition, in time of widespread cross-platform solutions dramatically increased the role of services that allow client applications on different platforms to display and process the same information. These and similar solutions are developed and maintained in the Kaspersky Lab as infrastructure projects. The report examines the features of analysis activities and techniques in infrastructure projects in comparison with product development.

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  • 27.03.2014
    Tracing patterns for business requirements in big complex products

    We have only base rules of software production process in Kaspersky Lab. Each team can decide how to manage scope of their product, component or service. There are some base useful types of traces are created in last two years. These types of traces can be useful for PM to manage project scope, and can help system owners to manage their requirements for some products. We described these variants, developed instrumental support for it and can reuse it to achive of project goals in more efficient way. I will describe these patterns and will show some examples.

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