What do you need to take from UX to a BI project or why a Business analyst needs empathy

  • 40 min

Usually, there is no UX component in BI system design or development projects, unlike in product teams. This makes sense in terms of resource costs and methodologies for establishing solution requirements. However, it often turns out that analytical reports and dashboards are not very useful. For the customer, it is (partly) a waste of resources, and for the contractor, this is a reduction in the likelihood of continued cooperation in the future. The key to mitigating such risks is to analyze user goals and objectives, the use case, and data architecture. Thus, user experience design is critical to building a compelling and useful BI system. 

User Experience and Business Analysis Expert Ivan Uspensky (KORUS Consulting, Department of Analytical Solutions) will share his experience in obtaining, combining and using competencies (UX + BA) within BI projects.

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