Natasha, wake up, we have broken the SCRUM!

  • 1h 30 min

Many analysts, POs, and product managers often find themselves in a SCRUM that is far from the reference.

And some people start in it right away, without being able to find out what it really should be. But even if colleagues have relevant experience, they may find themselves in a team and a situation where the framework doesn't work, i.e:

  • burdens the team's problems instead of solving them;
  • interferes with goals instead of clarifying and approaching them;
  • hangs weights of incomprehensible meetings and ceremonies instead of facilitating interaction processes within.

You can, of course, immediately say, "ew," SСRUM doesn't work for us. Or we can fix it and start using it properly so that it benefits the way it was intended.

At our workshop, we will look at complex and problematic situations in practice, and then collectively, under the supervision of the facilitators, we will figure out what the problem is and come up with ways to solve it, to eliminate the difficulties of adopting SCRUM.
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