Семенов Константин Сергеевич
Product Manager -
Saint Petersburg, Russia

В IT с 2006 года. С 2011 года работаю аналитиком. 

В этой роли принимал участие в создании как продуктов для отечественных и иностранных банков, так и big data и наукоёмких решений для международных Life Science компаний. 

Преподаватель в школе аналитиков EPAM в Санкт-Петербурге..

Talks (5)
  • 16.02.2022
    BA life in SCRUM

    Agile approaches were introduced to product and project development a long time ago.

    But as soon as each company or manager has its own view on how it should work, the practical application can cause a lot of issues and lower the work efficiency. Often, framework success is perceived as "follow the rules to the letter, no matter what", which could undermine the whole project and team motivation.

    We will talk about SCRUM because it's a well-known and widespread framework. We will talk not only about the analyst's suffering, but about how to make his involvement beneficial as well.

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  • 20.08.2021
    Seven immortal sins of your backlog

    When the project is just started, its backlog seems clear and transparent. It looks like a useful tool for project goals fulfilment.

    But over time, small mistakes, almost harmless on their own, turn your trusted management tool into a formless pile of tasks that can immobilize and halt any useful initiative you may have. And with each passing day, you spend more and more time and effort to manage it.

    Your dev team is working hard. A lot of tasks are closed each sprint. But there is no progress. No value is delivered to the end-users. The backlog still looks like a bottomless pit.

    Let's think together, what can cause such an unfortunate outcome and what could be done to avoid that...

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  • 28.12.2020
    Magic matrix for an analyst

    Action-tale about Arkhipus, the sudden senior, and the magic matrix.

    Once upon a time, a fresh middle analyst, Arkhipus, was assigned to a project with another, experienced analyst. But suddenly, at a welcome party with a customer, the experienced analyst crossed the red line with not so tolerant jokes, and the next morning, Arkhipus found himself as a first and only analyst on the project 

    Together with Arkhipus, we will walk through all project stages, from discovery, scope and backlog management,  UAT, and till the final release, to unleash the power of the magic matrix!

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  • 25.11.2019
    Developers dive to business context. How and, especially, why business analyst need to do this

    Often, outsource development teams are separated from the business of a customer. 
    People are jumping from one project to other, just closing tasks in a tracker, caring little about sense of what they are doing and value of their work.

    In small and simple projects that are really not so important, but if that's a long project in the complex business domain, business context deep dive for developers can provide solution of solid increasing in quality and value for the customer. And sometimes even save the project from failure.

    In my presentation, we will talk about issues that project can suffer without such business dive, how we can do this as analysts and what benefits the project can obtain from such dive and why the business analyst only can do this. 

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  • 28.02.2019
    Analysts horde. How to capture stakeholder's "Kozelsk" without casualties

    Sometimes, there is only one analyst on the project. Sometimes a couple.

    But what if we have ten of them, working for the same project?

    Usual approaches for stakeholders and requirements management are not effective anymore. Best case scenario, they would be far less useful, but in reality, they can be even harmful to your project.

    In my talk, we will review the work approach of such teams, processes that can reduce the chaos and establish collaboration with the development and other team members.

    Also we will discuss the real-life issues that can arise inside such teams, for example:

    • new analyst onboarding;
    • knowledge transfer and management;
    • stakeholder as a bottleneck;
    • crossing the boundaries of the work of different analysts.

    And we'll try to resolve them.


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