The ways of analyst are inscrutable: broad view on career development

  • 40 min

The traditional career trajectories of the analyst are predictable: dive into the industry specificity or subject area either move in management. But there are cases when analysts want radically change direction and specialization, try their hand in other projects and industries. Is it possible to make it without changing the place of work? Our experience shows that when business faces new challenges of the market, it is possible and necessary to give to employees an opportunity to choose their own professional ways: traditional as well as non-standard for the market.

In our report we will talk about the principles of work with non-linear career trajectories and a flexible approach to the staff development. Also we will analyze pros and cons of this approach from business and employee point of view. Our business analyst Elena Potapova, who moved from a system analyst to a project manager and a functional architect, will present the example of a successful case.

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