Analyst in product development

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The place of information systems and methods of their development are in the phase of continuous transformation. 

No sooner the IIBA had celebrated 15 years, and the departments of business and systems analysis have already been abolished in advanced organisations, they have committed blasphemy - they have eradicated the requirements specifications, and it seems they are trying to get rid of the role of the analyst. Moreover, 5-7 years ago, the 2nd BABoK was far from perfect and a holistic view of the profession. 

And even though the need for meaningful decision-making is growing, the employment and salaries of analysts at work in the speciality are falling ... 

  • How and why is the role of the analyst changing? 
  • Who and why strips bread from analysts? 
  • For which competencies and tools of analysts organisations are already ready to pay, and which ones are not advisable to pump?

Аналитик в продуктовой разработке from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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