Spiral dynamics model for multicultural communication of analysts

  • 40 min

Analysts work between the cultures of customers and the dev team. Even in one company, the cultures in divisions often vary dramatically. Analysts must have the competence to recognise the culture of users and customers quickly and align to it because the culture sets an implicit context and defines the meanings of concepts. Later they should transfer the meanings and implications to the development team based on their culture. Also, the sensation of the culture is significant during the maintenance of software to provide joint activities of people of different cultures.

For fast and effective operations in various cultures, we can’t explore the corporate culture of a company or a division separately. We need to have cultural models in our kit. I'll talk about the spiral dynamics model that describes and operates with the values and culture of people and organisations. This talk continues and develops my lectures and articles about it, with a focus on the activities of the analysts.

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