Assessment of competencies as a tool for the development and involvement of the analyst

  • 40 min

In chat rooms and analyst groups, questions often arise: 

  • How to assess the competencies of analysts?
  • What competencies should a middle analyst have, what should a senior analyst have? 
  • How to assess competencies? How to understand what competencies are lacking? 
  • How to explain the assessment result to a person without offending him/her? 

I'll tell you about how we built a competence assessment system, assessed analysts, and obtained a tool for developing specialists and assistance in securing project work. And how to build a similar system for your needs in 5 steps.

The talk is based on the real experience of working as the head of the systems analysis department in a large IT company. Many employees have grown from Juno to lead analyst, became heads of departments, project managers, chief specialists, architects. It will be of interest to both resource managers of analysts and analysts consciously seeking their own professional development.

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